Now You Can Own Some of Marilyn Monroe's Black Fishnets

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A large collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia is going up for sale later this year in Los Angeles. What, like you needed to have life savings?


Women’s Wear Daily reports on the sale of David Gainsborough-Roberts’s personal stockpile, which is being handled by Julien’s Auctions. (Prior to the big day in November, the whole lot will be put on display in London and Los Angeles.) The catalog includes movie posters, photographs, the star’s 1952 “New Faces Award” from the Detroit Free Press, and even “personal prescriptions.” The highlight, though, is the costumes. The Guardian lists ‘em out:

One outfit alone, a sheer black-and-nude beaded cocktail dress worn by Monroe as she sang I’m Through With Love on top of a grand piano in the 1959 Billy Wilder comedy Some Like It Hot, is expected to sell for between £140,000 and £280,000, auctioneers Julien’s said.

The silver-and-white beaded dress Monroe wore in Walter Lang’s 1954 musical There’s No Business Like Show Business to sing After You Get What You Want You Don’t Want It is estimated at up to £140,000. And the green satin leotard she wore in Bus Stop – the movie in which critics at the time said she “proved she was an actress” – could sell for up to £70,000, Julien’s said.

There’s also a lovely pair of earrings from How to Marry a Millionaire. WWD points out the most affordable item: black fishnet stockings estimated to go for $600 to $800.

Please note that none of these items is a modern size 12, so don’t ask.

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Cathy Ames-Trask, fka Angelica Schuyler

yeah, in high school when i was insecure about being a size 14, a friend helpfully told me i was marilyn monroe’s size. thanks! i did an image search and was like, yah no.