This Dog Thinks He's Pretty Fancy, Huh

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Check this guy out. He’s ordered room service but—twist—he’s a dog!

The (slightly garbled) caption identifies this fancy dog as celebrity canine Rin Tin Tin, making the publicity rounds in 1956:

Ah, this really living! says Rin Tin Tin, the showman of canine-dome who visited Chicago for a personal appearance and a preview of show a political delegate will survive a convention. Walter Golemo, waiter of the Sheraton-Blackstone, serves the famous dog his dinner in his room in Chicago, June 8, 1956.


The Internet has increased the volume and velocity of dumb-as-hell new stories, but they certainly aren’t a new phenomenon.

Photo via AP Images.

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thunderbae (a straight shooter, respected on all sides)

This dog is more fancy than I’ll ever be. Look at that napkin tied around his neck!