Bask in the Swimsuit Style of the 1981 Miss USA Pageant

Labor Day has passed us by and we’re coming to the end of the warm-weather grace period at the end of summer where you could, conceivably, find somewhere to swim comfortably in the great outdoors. Let’s wave goodbye to the season that was with these swimsuit looks—well, swimsuit look—from the 1981 Miss USA pageant.

This clip comes via Atlas Obscura (one of their every-charming daily Video Wonders), and features lots of voluminous hair and blue bathing suits, as well as longtime host Bob Barker looking disconcertingly young. Each contestant is announced by name, height, and weight. They’re not exactly entering the stage from a giant vagina, but they’re not not.

If the suspense is killing you, rest assured that YouTube also has the year’s crowning. The newly minted Miss USA is then seated upon a wicker peacock-chair throne.

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From Wikipedia:

The 1981 pageant featured only 50 delegates after Deborah Fountain of New York was disqualified during the preliminary judging after being found to have padded her swimsuit.

And I dig the look that Bob Barker’s co-host is rocking: