Let's All Watch a Young Mary Berry Work Her Soothing, Sensible Magic in the 1970s

Here is a treat for the Bake Off superfans: a young Mary Berry sporting the styles of the 1970s talking about “the cheap cuts of meat and interesting ways to use them.” That blouse—my God!


People points out that while 82-year-old Berry is new to American audiences, she’s been a fixture in the United Kingdom for decades. And so they went digging on YouTube and found many, many clips from the 1970s show Good Afternoon! For instance, watch her put a fish into a blender. “A pâté like the one we’ve got on the table here, in little containers perhaps as a starter or to have with lunch, costs ten pence a portion. And that’s jolly reasonable.” Jolly Reasonable: The Mary Berry Story.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel



I am binge watching the Great British Baking Show (Bake Off) in its entirety right now (thank you Netflix downloads!). I’ve been wondering what Mary’s deal was—like, why is everyone so scared of her. She seems so sweet to the contestants, but they act as if she’s some kind of Simon Cowell type (which is really Paul Hollywood’s role). But it seems it’s less about fear than it is awe?

Anyway, thank you for this! Watching her is so soothing...