Who the Hell is Buying And Reading All of These Books About Donald Trump

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Despite Donald Trump famously being a man who does not read, his time in office has been an incredible boon to the publishing industry, which seems to churn out a book about his presidency every hour, on the hour. As the New York Times reported, more than a thousand books have been published about Trump and his administration, and “some in the industry credit the soaring sales of political books with lifting the industry overall in recent months,” even in the midst of an economic crisis. What’s going on here? Are we truly just a nation of masochists? Possibly!


It’s a trend that appears to be only gaining momentum. The New York Times, on the recent books by John Bolton and Mary Trump:

If there was any concern that readers would grow tired of tell-alls, it has been relieved by sales figures. Trump book sales are still soaring: This summer, Mr. Bolton’s book sold more than a million copies, while Ms. Trump’s book has gone into its 20th printing.


The sales of books about Donald Trump are so strong that there’s even a book about the books coming out soon, called What Were We Thinking. Penned by the Washington Post book critic Carlos Lozada, it will, according to the book’s website, use “the books of the Trump era to argue that our response to this presidency reflects the same failures of imagination that made it possible.” It sounds fine, but again, why read a book about Trump when you could read literally anything else?

I have so many questions. Namely, who is buying these books, and are they actually reading them, or are they using them to display their Resistance bonafides, like a bumper sticker but for their bookshelves? Are there just that many former Mueller Time devotees who have the disposable income, the hours every day, and, most perplexing to me, the desire to solely read about Donald Trump?

Explain yourselves!

Senior reporter, Jezebel

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We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Republicans have always sucked (before COVID, Bush’s body count was way higher than Trump’s). But Trump’s America is one in which truth just doesn’t matter at all, and in which a significant portion of the country will just go all out to defend the nuttiest shit. And so I know, especially in 2017, I was seeking out as much stuff that would say “Yes, this is crazy, Trump is crazy, this is all batshit and absolutely not normal.” And that is probably why I bought Bob Woodward’s book, which bored me to tears and which I don’t think I read more than 20 pages of, because it was exactly the sort of access schlock masquerading as hard hitting journalism that Woodward has been peddling ever since Watergate gave him the credibility to pull it off.

Anyway, people can read whatever they want to get them through this moment, I do wish hashtag resistance people would stop rewarding the powerful people who bear responsible for getting us here. Like, James Comey is a resistance hero? John fucking Bolton?