Actresses in Old Hollywood Labored Over Their Brow Game, Too

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It's Friday, which means that—once again—it's time to marvel at the marvelous Hollywood PR machine of yore and its seemingly endless ability to find new ways to make actresses pose while doing their makeup. This time we've got an actress from the heady days of transition from silent to sound, darkening her eyebrows.

Old Hollywood starlets: They're just like us! (Us, of course, meaning those of us with pitiful eyebrows in the reign of Cara Delevingne.)


Yes, according to the accompanying caption, you're seeing Miriam Seegar circa 1927, augmenting her eyebrows to the point they can be seen onscreen. She makes a very strong showing in the silky robe department, and you know what? It's a real shame nobody uses those dresser doilies anymore. This shot is yet another effort by the Paramount publicity department, who apparently loved nothing more than parking a pretty lady in front of a mirror.

According to her L.A. Times obituary, Seegar was born in Indiana in 1907. She worked in the movie business in the late 20s and early 30s, first in Britain and then California, before dropping out. She went on to work as an interior designer and lived to the ripe old age of 103.

Photo via Hulton Archive/Getty.

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Dust for Vomit

It looks like she's applying mascara from a cake. My mom had one of those little brushes.