Alec Baldwin Will Take Over Some of Robert Osborne's TCM Hosting Duties

Alec Baldwin attends  the TCM Classic Film Festival last April in Los Angeles. Image via Getty.
Alec Baldwin attends the TCM Classic Film Festival last April in Los Angeles. Image via Getty.

One of the people taking over for the TCM hosting duties of dearly departed, widely beloved host Robert Osborne will be Alec Baldwin. I guess it would have been hard to find anybody with Osborne’s ability to project amiability even if you were tuning in at 3 a.m. due to insomnia.


Specifically, Baldwin will become the host of The Essentials. That’s according to People:

One of TCM’s most popular franchises, The Essentials showcases “must-see” classic films, often with commentary from special guests. Joining Baldwin for the show’s upcoming season, which kicks off on May 6, will be David Letterman, Baldwin’s former 30 Rock costar and series creator Tina Fey, and Oscar-winning director William Friedkin. With each of his guests, Baldwin will introduce a hand-picked list of classics and discuss the cultural and cinematic significance of the films. Among their picks are East of Eden, Rear Window, The Bride of Frankenstein, and The Manchurian Candidate.


Osborne hosted The Essentials from 2006 to 2015, but TCM has often had guests sub in. Baldwin himself co-hosted from 2009 to 2011, Deadline points out, and he’s also been involved with the channel in ways like the TCM Film Festival. “Over time, Alec’s become a real part of the TCM family, and he had gotten close to Robert. And transitioning him into more of the host role just made sense,” said TCM SVP of programming and production Charlie Tabesh.

Nevertheless, I cannot believe that someday soon I will turn my TV to TCM and be greeted with face of Alec Baldwin instead of Robert Osborne. I should have been taping the channel 24/7 for years to prepare for this moment.

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Mental Iceberg

RIP, again, to the ever gentlemanly, beyond knowledgeable classic film lovers Mr. Osborne. Sigh. I believe it was Lucille Ball who encouraged him to pursue film history as a profession.

Anyway, I can do Alex Baldwin as he genuinely does seem to love classic films and has (from what I’ve seen) a good knowledge of them. Also...I will never feel sorry for Alex Baldwin ;)

Thank god for Ben. I remember when he first came on (nephew of Joesph L. Mankiewicz, yet!), and he has matured so nicely into his role.

Also, love the new Sunday morning film noirs thingy. Film noirs are my jam!

P.S. I’m actually watching TCM right now, The Body Snatcher starring Boris Karloff ;)