And Here's a Silent Film Actress Posing All Casually Scandalous

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We’ve seen so many Old Hollywood actresses posing demurely at their vanities, tweaking their hairdos or adjusting their makeup. Today, let’s do a little something different.


This is Estelle Clark, circa 1924, “as she appears” in MGM’s So This Is Marriage? According to the very scanty IMDB entry for the silent film, she played a maid. (Tagline also via IMDB: “Don’t Change Your Husbands When Crossing the Stream!”) No idea why a publicity shot for somebody playing a relatively minor character is still floating around Getty Images. And your guess why she’s so scantily dressed is as good as mine; according to Wikipedia nobody’s seen a copy since a 1967 vault fire at MGM.

Photo via General Photographic Agency/Getty Images.

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Related note: Her scantily clad-ness probably has nothing to do with the plot of the film any film made before 1945 or so, a secondary or attractive character getting dressed/undress to allow a peek more skin than was technically allowed, was totally a thing.

It just so happens a semi plot relevant conversation on the telephone happens while the lady is getting dressed or in a bath. The backstage scenes of films set in a theater happening to be when the character needs a costume change, etc.

Sorry, I always end up nerding out on the old Hollywood post on here. I shall slink to the back of the cafeteria now, with my fellow geeks.