And Now, Some Aspirational Swim Caps

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As we head into the first true summer weekend, please take a moment to decide whether one of these ladies might inspire your best possible poolside fashion choices. And you can’t all pick the woman on the far left.


According to the caption, these women are modeling a line of swim caps from Kleinerts in London for spring/summer 1966. (In case you couldn’t tell from the array of eye makeup looks.)

If you are consumed with envy, great news! Floral swim caps aren’t as common as they once were, but you can still acquire one with a little dedicated shopping. Speedo makes a brightly colored model with a strap; here is a similarly hectic version without. There’s even a red, white, and blue option! And if you’d prefer something a little toned-down, here’s one with just three flowers.


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Query: is the only point of swim caps to keep your hair unmermaid-like?

Cause if it’s not keeping my hair dry than what’s the point, exactly*? I want a swim cap to keep my hair dry!

*I GUESS keeping loose hair out the filter is ONE reason. BUT NOT ENOUGH I SAY