Buy Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII's Honeymoon Love Nest

Hot real estate opportunity for the Anne Boleyn superfans: The 15th century Thornbury Castle has hit the market for a mere £8.5 million. Boleyn spent part of her honeymoon with Henry VIII at the country home. Just maybe don’t use it as a wedding venue, considering how badly that marriage worked out for her.


As the Daily Mail explains, the home was originally built in the early 1500s for Edward Stafford, the Duke of Buckingham, but he was obliged to part company with his head when he fell under suspicion of treason. Henry VIII then snapped up Thornbury for his own portfolio and stayed there several nights on his honeymoon tour with Boleyn. A neat bit of foreshadowing by a total asshole! Eventually Stafford’s descendants got it back but it “remained unoccupied for two centuries and fell into ruin,” the Telegraph explains, until it was sold in the 1800s and renovated.

Boasts the real estate listing: “Thornbury lies to the south west of the Costwolds and provides an excellent base to discover all that the local area has to offer including world class shopping and culture in Bristol and Cardiff, and the natural beauty of the Costwolds and river Severn.”

Also: “Thornbury Castle dates from approximately 1510, with some sections dating from 1330. Within the magnificent building are 28 en suite bedrooms, restaurant, private dining facilities and impressive Tudor suite, a dedicated conference and events space.” Obviously, it is currently a luxury hotel.

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mere £8.5 million

C’mon histori-jezzies, we can crowdsource that! O.o