Cindy Crawford Seems to Have Spent the Summer Back in the 1990s And It's Great

What would you do with your time if you’d been massively famous in the 1990s? You could certainly do worse than to spend your summer posting pics of the ocean and also clips from your tenure as host of MTV’s House of Style on Instagram, as Cindy Crawford has done.


Crawford spoke to Women’s Wear Daily about her posts, tagged #MTVMondays and drawing on her personal archive, and her days on House of Style, which ran from 1989 until 1997. She explained: “So much of what is Cindy Crawford is stuff from the past and I think fans like seeing that.” Self-own or wonderfully healthy assessment of one’s comfortable place in the pop cultural hall of fame? She continued: “When ‘House of Style’ first aired, it aired and then it was gone. For a lot of people, it’s totally new and for a lot of people, it’s super nostalgic.”

She also explained what made the show groundbreaking at the time. Karlie Kloss and her pals can post all the backstage social media snaps they want, but Crawford and her friends did it first:

We didn’t even have the phrase “behind the scenes” then. There was no behind the scenes on shoots. That’s why it’s amazing now when you come across some of this archival stuff because there wasn’t a secondary crew shooting behind-the-scenes footage. I think “House of Style” did open the door to Naomi’s closet, or in that same piece, she put on zit cream. That was amazing for her fans to see. They love her and she’s such a diva, but hey, I gotta put on zit cream at night.

The resulting mix as filtered through Crawford’s Instagram includes, for instance, Christy Turlington talking about eyebrows.

And Crawford sharing insights into the fine art of bikini modeling.


But you can also see Crawford freaking out like a total goof about stingrays.


Here are a bunch of people talking about what kind of fruit they would be, if they were a fruit, to the gentle 90s soundtrack of Blues Traveler.


Here’s Crawford talking “bikinis and trashy books,” which makes me desperate to lounge on a beach reading a brightly colored paperback smudged with sunscreen and sand.


MTV has tried to bring back the franchise, with Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls as TV hosts in 2012 and Iggy Azalea (lol) as a web host in 2014. Which makes Crawford’s posts even funnier, an entertainingly desultory power move—a cleaning out of her closet that doubles as a casual reminder that there will only ever be one true crop of supermodels.

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I started doing her workout video from the 90s last week and OMG it is hard. Not the first one that so many people hurt themselves on but the second one that was safe(r) and guided. It was a lot easier when I was 22.