Consider These Light Summer Snacks From 1957

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Haven’t quite nailed down the menu for your Memorial Day weekend barbecue? Why not just copy this absolutely scrumptious 1957 spread?


You are currently feasting your eyes upon, according to the caption, “A fruit salad buffet arrangement on cocktail sticks... barbecued meat on skewers, croquette potatoes, savouries on crackers and canapes served as an hors d’oeuvre.” Yum yum! Look at that beautiful, glistening meat on those skewers. Or is that dates? Who cares, it’ll all taste like mayonnaise and American cheese and canned tuna, anyway.

Hard to imagine a more perfect snapshot of the “if it ain’t from a can it ain’t shit” era of American cuisine. No wonder parents spent the 20th century yelling at their kids not to swim after eating—chow down on this stuff and forget cramping, you’d just sink right to the bottom.


Photo via Getty Images/Chaloner Woods.

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Needs more aspic.