Don't Mind This Actress from the 1940s, Plucking Her Eyebrows

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Welcome back to another installment of actresses faking beauty treatments for publicity photos. We've seen a starlet fiddling with her pin curls, and a starlet maintaining her hairdo between visits to the salon. This week, we have eyebrow plucking.


Yes, that's right, Old Hollywood didn't consider even a woman's eyebrow plucking sacred. Here we have Eleanor Parker in a 1948 shot for the Warner Brothers picture Chain Lightning. She costarred with Bogart! TCM's summary: "A reckless jet pilot goes to work for a demanding aviation tycoon." You might recognize her as the woman who played the baroness, Elsa von Schraeder, in The Sound of Music (albeit with much blonder hair).

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The Sound of Music was my favourite movie from ages 4-8, when it was displaced by Grease. My mom recently told me that it used to worry her that I liked the Baroness better than Maria. The Baroness rocked though! I still prefer the bitch to the goody goody.