Google Launches Massive Collection of Latino Art And History

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Google’s Cultural Institute, which specializes in accessible digital preservation for art, just launched a huge online archive of Latino art and cultural history.


The effort, formally titled Google Arts & Culture: Latino Cultures in the US, includes several different categories that highlight Latino history including dance, film, music, style, sports and more. Google has also partnered with several institutions like the Smithsonian Latino Center and UCLA Chicano Research Studies Center to display and contextualize art from their collections, as well as including a mural section where you can look at Digeo Rivera and Eloy Torrez works in detail.

The project also includes an interview with Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez and another with Orange Is The New Black star Diane Guerrero, who speaks for the project about the day her family was deported. “For so many years, I hid the truth about my parents. But then I started seeing DREAMers standing up and demanding rights for immigrants,” she says. “They came out and risked deportation to demand legislative and executive action for immigrants’ rights. I thought, ‘Why am I so afraid to speak up? How is my story not an American story?’”


The project, will be online all year, is massive and Remezcla has assembled some historical highlights to start with. I’d recommend reading about Asco, the Los Angeles art collective from the 1970s and ’80s co-founded by artist Gronk. They created a great conceptual performance piece called “No Movies,” in which the group circulated great fake film stills for movies they invented as a response to the ways Hollywood discriminated against Chicano actors and artists.

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There is zero Remedios Varo. That’s a huge miss.