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A refrigerator dating back to 1954 that once belonged to Queen Elizabeth II’s mother has passed its annual electrical inspection to certify it’s in proper working order. Congrats to everyone involved.


That’s according to the Daily Mail. “The Queen Mother may have had a reputation for extravagance, but when it came to kitchen gadgets it was a case of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’” said a “palace source.” The ancient Frigidaire is still on duty at the Castle of Mey, which was the Queen Mother’s Scottish vacation home. It probably still works because it’s essentially a goddamned tank:

‘It has 6in-thick doors — not like the thin plastic ones these days which don’t last 60 weeks, let alone 60 years,’ said Michael Sealey, the Queen Mother’s head chef for 32 years.

‘It must be one of the oldest working fridges in Britain. Other than it being slightly chipped with age, it’s in perfect working order. It was built to last.’


Apparently it’s most used when Prince Charles comes to visit in the summer, which certainly fits my mental image of what Prince Charles does over the summer.

Photo via AP Images.

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