Historical Blind Item: Happy Birthday to an Absolute Terror

Guess the famous woman cropped from the right-hand side
Guess the famous woman cropped from the right-hand side
Image: AP

Here is a historical blind item.

Fashion-wise, this prickly midcentury style icon ran the gamut from New Look Dior to psychedelic ’70s caftans. Her adult life was one scandal after another, securing her a place as permanent fixture of the papers. And she was notoriously difficult to be around: Legend has it she once informed a man that his exceedingly rare vintage wine was “exactly like petrol,” and another time threw a board game into the air over the name of a type of soup. Can you guess the fabulously glamorous and famously rude guest?



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Obviously semi-fictional works that portray her are embellishing for effect, but her “character” in The Crown and the Patrick Melrose miniseries made her seem just awful.

Spoiled and rude and unappreciative.