Historical Blind Item: Never Bet Against a Former High School Twirler

The high school where the twirling happened
The high school where the twirling happened
Image: AP

Here is a historical blind item.

That this woman kept busy during her years at Brooklyn’s James Madison High School will not surprise you. A recently uncovered copy of her yearbook lists her as “Treas. of Go-Getters, School Orchestra, Twirlers, Sec. to English Department Chairman, Feature Editor Term Newspaper.” Twirler! They’ve got a reputation for smiles and sparkles, but it probably doesn’t hurt to know your way around a weighted baton when the societal mores of your era mean you’ll have to fight every step of the way. At the time, she went by Kiki; you probably know her by another nickname of more recent coinage.



Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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