Hottest Toys of 1898: Toy Ducks and Chickens, Ribbon for 'KittyKins'

Marjorie and Kittykins?
Marjorie and Kittykins?
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Yesterday, we covered the most popular (and ridiculous) toys for children in 2018. But now let’s rewind to 1898, when they—or at least one five-year-old named Marjorie—wanted toy ducks and a ball for a cat named “KittyKins.”

Marjorie’s letter to Santa was discovered in a book donated to a charity thrift shop, the BBC reported. It’s now on display in a toy shop in Canterbury, Kent Online explained: “When I was asked to design and create a Christmas window display, I knew exactly what I wanted to do - a traditional post office sorting room, incorporating this gorgeous letter,” said Lily Birchall, whose father found it. (They added a mail box where kids could drop their own letters.)

Marjorie’s full letter reads:

Dear Father Christmas,

When you come to see us on Christmas Eve will you please bring us some little toy ducks and chickens for a present, also a canvas stocking like you brought us last year. You will see an extra stocking hanging up this time, it is for KittyKins she would like a piece of ribbon and a ball in hers

With love and kisses from us both

Your Loving


The hottest toy of 2019 will probably be something called ‘KittyKins’ except they’ll literally poop miniature Amazon boxes that are themselves full of pooping surprise dolls.

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