The TV show Drunk History is a consistent source of delight. How could it be otherwise? It’s just a bunch of people enthusiastically telling their favorite stories from history, three sheets to the wind. And apparently, there is an entire British version of the show of which I was previously unaware!


It’s true! Our Drunk History apparently runs there as Drunk History USA, and they get a whole additional Drunk History specializing in the history of the United Kingdom, all to themselves. Is this common knowledge? Not common enough for me, apparently! Fortunately, there are enough clips on YouTube to keep us all entertained for a good long while.

They’ve done the Great Fire of London.

They’ve done the Cottingley Fairies, with freaking Catherine Tate as one of the cousins who allegedly found and photographed the famous fairies.

They’ve done dirtbag hipster Lord Byron.

And also a truly magnificent recounting of the trial of King Charles I.

I can’t wait to watch every single clip of this show I can manage to dredge up out of the depths of YouTube.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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