Letter From Henry VIII Longing for Anne Boleyn's 'Pritty Duckys' Is Too Hot for the Vatican

Screencap via YouTube.
Screencap via YouTube.

The Vatican archives are immense and mysterious and contain, along with one can only assume the real truth about aliens, letters from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn. A BBC show has been granted unprecedented access to film those letters—as long as they didn’t include the one where he praises her “pritty Duckys.” By which he meant breasts.


The Telegraph reports that the Vatican allowed Six Wives with Lucy Worsley, a look at the Tudor era via the many spouses of Henry VIII, to film its relevant holdings in the very archives themselves.

Speaking at the launch of the show, executive producer Emma Hindley disclosed Worsley had not been allowed to film or refer to the letters while in the Vatican archive’s hallowed rooms.

“We’re the first television crew ever to film them,” she said, citing “endless conversations” between researchers and the Vatican staff.

“But there’s a letter where he [Henry VIII] talks about her duckys, which we weren’t allowed to film or refer to.”


Sources told the Telegraph that yes, it was due to the letters’ “risque” content.

And what had the Vatican so scandalized? A line from Henry where he described “wishing my self (specially an Evening) in my Sweethearts Armes whose pritty Duckys I trust shortly to kysse.” Gotta watch that iCloud, Henry.

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