Marie Curie Is Getting a Biopic

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Good news if you’ve been waiting around for a movie about the life of Marie Curie—and haven’t we all, really?


The AFP reports that there’s currently an international project in the works, starring Polish actress Karolina Gruszka and directed by Frenchwoman Marie Noelle. Noelle explained why she finds the character of Curie so captivating:

“Within a space of six years, she gave birth to a child, lost her beloved husband with whom she shared her passion for scientific research and fell in love again (with a married man) sparking a high-profile public scandal, and then she wins another Nobel to top it all off,” Noelle told AFP on location in the central Polish city of Lodz this week.


But it’s not simply a matter of making a movie about a fascinating individual. Noelle also wants the project to highlight the uphill battle women in science all-too-often face:

“In Europe, while we know that girls are better at math there are only 13 percent of women in high-level scientific research,” said Noelle, who studied mathematics before taking up film-making.

The film is supposed to hit theaters February 2016 or so, though God knows when America will get it.

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oh shit! i knew she won a nobel prize but i didn’t know she won 2! the only person to win more than once! i hope it’s good and not... grace of monacco. here’s a pic of the actress playing her