More Celebrities Post Awkward Teen Photos for Puerto Rico

While Cheetos is backpedalling on this morning’s heartless tweets about San Juan’s mayor (or, at least, while somebody’s on the Twitter account manically typing a bunch of nice things about other Puerto Rican officials and #FAKENEWS (which Puerto Rico can’t read because it’s still out of power you idiot)), fuck it! Let’s pivot to some television celebrities who are tweeting for a good cause.


On Wednesday, Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll put out a challenge to celebrities to post awkward photos with the hashtag #PuberMe and #PuertoRicoRelief, for each of which Colbert would make a $1,000 donation; Kroll promised to match them. And they’ve been yielding results. So hey Monica Lewinsky! I’m docking points from you, William Shatner and Steve Martin, for humble bragging, but okay. Special thanks to Ryan Seacrest and John Oliver for doing their part (see bottom).

And here’s a guide to what we normals can do. If you live in New York in particular, several firehouses and EMS stations are collecting donations.


Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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I need more information on that Chelsea Handler pic.

And Ryan Seacrest and John Oliver....WOOF. Congratulations to both of them on truly becoming swans.