Nobody Is Having a Better, Nerdier Good Time with Halloween Than Museums

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Survive enough November 1 hangovers and you’ll be forced to face the fact that Halloween is best experienced as a dorky, candy-heavy good time with a heavy dose of creepiness and an undercurrent of decay. One group doing it right: Museums and libraries, who are taking this holiday as an opportunity to post all their drawings of skeletons. (Which is a lot.)


It’s a big nerd party over on Instagram, and I love it.

For instance, some style inspiration from the Morgan Library.


It them, the MFA.

The Frick’s feeling moody, seems like.


While the American History Museum is getting sexy.


The New York Public Library got you a postcard.


Several institutions are posting under #creepyarchives, started by the Yale Medical Historical Library, who encouraged colleagues to post their favorite weird/unsettling/macabre items from their collections. Their best one is, truly, nightmare fuel.


The Smithsonian Libraries submitted this lively skeleton party.


Truly though, nobody tops the U.S. National Archives, which has this “bouquet” made of hair from various Roosevelt ancestors. Yes, that’s Roosevelt hair art.


By rights nothing should be dorkier than brands attempting to be timely—yes, even museums and libraries. And following all these lovely geeks is the best social media decision I’ve made for myself in ages.

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Image via Getty, Instagrams of the Morgan Library, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Frick Collection, New York Public Library, Yale Medical Historical Library, Smithsonian Libraries, U.S. National Archives.

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