Selfie Taker Destroys Antique Statue

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A man accidentally destroyed a 126-year-old statue earlier this week, during a disastrous attempt to snap a selfie. Please carry this story in your heart the next time you visit a museum, because it really seems like a matter of time before somebody smashes a valuable piece of ancient Greek artwork.


That’s according to Reuters. The casualty was, specifically, a statue of 16th century Portuguese king Dom Sebastiao, who died at 24 while crusading in Morocco:

The man, whom police did not identify, accidentally toppled Dom Sebastiao’s statue after climbing up to its pedestal outside the ornate Rossio railway station in central Lisbon just before midnight on Tuesday....

The child-sized statue of the sad-eyed, sword-wielding king stood in a niche between two horseshoe-shaped arches at the entrance to the station. Completed in 1890, the station is a protected monument.


Don’t do this.

Dom Sebastiao in his better days. Photo via Shutterstock.

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Noooooooooo!! I used to live in the Rossio, and the statuary is breathtaking.

Then, again, Dom Sebastião was off to murder some of my ancestors, so cannot cry too frantically.

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E eu não tenho pátria, tenho mátria

E quero frátria

- Caetano (who else?)