Take Me Out to the Ball Game With These Ladies, Please

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Apologies for the sudden, intense wave of longing for summer sunshine that just washed over you.


According to the caption on Getty, you’re looking at “A women’s baseball team in Tokyo, Japan, circa 1960. They each have a badge reading ‘Okada’ on their uniforms.” There’s no further information, which leaves some questions: Was there an active women’s professional baseball circuit in Japan circa 1960? Is this a League of Their Own scenario? If you know anything about women and baseball in midcentury Japan, please do spill.

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darleeeeeene aka deraaiilleeeeeene

I love that they were actually allowed to wear shorts...although, seriously, how you gonna slide into ANYONE’S DMs with short shorts....

Also, I love A League of Their Own so friggin much! It is seriously one of the surefire blubber fest movies. I just can’t not cry when they are all old ladies, and seeing all their cool stuff from when they played baseball and they started singing and they played together and kit and dottie made up and and and and....