Thanks to This Kotex Commercial From 1983, I Now Know What Periods Feel Like

As a man without a functioning uterus (I believe this is the second time I’ve begun a post on with those words), I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine what the monthly process of menstruation does to one’s psyche. Though my fundamental understanding of the messier physical aspects makes it easy to comprehend why those who get periods must use pads or tampons or diva cups, the feelings that accompany flow are beyond my comprehension. Or are they?


After watching this 1983 commercial for Kotex beltless pads, brought to my attention by the folks at Previously.TV, I finally “get” what it feels like for a body to deal with the regular purging of blood and mucosal tissue through the complex superhighways of a woman’s reproductive system. It feels like butterflies! A blissful dance of freedom-loving butterflies through a field of seeding dandelions!

Ah, periods. Thanks to the wizards on Madison Avenue in the early 80s, I know how wonderful it must be for all those who experience them!

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Teri Typo (the atrist formely knon as Teri Moore)

Anyone else think the actress appears to be a pubescent Sandra Bullock?