This Early '80s Jane Seymour Commercial for Max Factor Perfume Is Captivating

Before she was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Jane Seymour was a glamorous made-for-TV-movie queen. But she also took some time to make this wonderfully syrupy commercial for the scent le Jardin de Max Factor—billed as “the incurably romantic fragrance.”

With the dress, the flowers, the vanity table apparently in the middle of a greenhouse, and the removable sleeves shed with perfect timing, it’s all too much in just the right way. “Because if you want romance to come on strong, you have to come on soft,” Seymour pronounces. What does that even mean?

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Going for soft and romantic in reaction to that feisty “Charlie” and the too damn independent “Enjoli” of that era.

Jane Seymour will neither bring home nor fry up any bacon!…