This Isn't Hillary Clinton's First Campaign Subway Ride

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Today, would-be president Hillary Clinton took a little trip on the New York City subway. But it was actually a repeat performance: In March 1992, during her husband’s campaign, she hopped aboard the 1 train en route for an appearance in Greenwich Village. As you can see, this was during the headband years.


The AP caption explains: “Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas, campaigns for her husband while riding the New York City subway Monday, March 31, 1992. Clinton was en route to New York University were she delivered a speech to law students.”

The New York Times covered the not-yet-first-lady’s trip:

First, of course, her advance team bought seven 10 packs of tokens to distribute to each other and to members of the press.

Then they gave instructions. “Each train has three doors,” said Ben Sawyer, a Clinton volunteer who said he was selected for this assignment because “they needed somebody who knows downtown from uptown.” Then Mrs. Clinton, her entourage and about 40 members of the press drifted like a giant amoeba from the Sheraton Manhattan Hotel at 51st Street to the No. 1 train for the trip downtown.

“Who is that woman?” said John Martinez, a messenger who was almost run down by the horde as it stomped into the station at 50th Street. “Did she win the lottery or something”

Illustration for article titled This Isnt Hillary Clintons First Campaign Subway Ride

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Bears for President

Probably rode the (gravy) train all the way to Wall Street, am I right?

(No, seriously, am I? Everyone is posting angry things in political posts and I want to fit in)

Boo Hillary! Yay candidate of my choosing!