This Pic Is Definitely a Sex Thing, Right?

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Quick question: This postcard, circa 1902, is definitely sexual in nature, right?


The accompanying caption identifies this as, “A French coloured postcard of two bathing belles posing by a bathing hut ‘on the beach’.” Sure, it’s possible they just mean a postcard from France, and it’s labeled as the work of “Anthony’s” of Paris. But “French postcard” is often used as a catchall term for racy—and often downright pornographic—snaps sold in the early days of photography, when getting one’s hot little hands on erotic imagery took downright dedication. They are wearing swimsuits, but the swimsuits appear very nearly flesh-toned in black and white.

Please take a moment to render a verdict as to whether this is, in fact, a sex thing. Thanks very much.


Photo via Getty Images.

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Montauk Monster

I don’t think the girl on the left is wearing a swimsuit, I think she’s wearing a collar and...thigh pads?