This Video of How Medieval People Walked Is Oddly Compelling

I cannot believe how soothing I’m finding this video of a German man in full Medieval costume explaining how people used to walk in the Middle Ages, before the advent of fixed-sole shoes.


In this video, via Digg, our instructor is speaking from something called “History Park Bärnau,” which according to its website is “a very special archaeological open-air museum.” The video opens with some very chill footage of re-enactors roaming around like Medieval folks about their Medieval business, and it looks like an incredibly chill situation. The wind blows through leafy trees; birds chirp in the background. No sign of bubonic plague or war or a life expectancy of, what, 30? How nice to feel so relaxed for five minutes!

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Saw this yesterday and was delighted! I had no idea this guy existed, and it turns out he’s full of wonderful trivia like this! I write a lot of fanfiction for a medieval fantasy series (you can probably guess which one if you know my username) and now I’m going to be devouring his videos so I can be a more accurate writer. What a fantastic thing!