Welcome to Pictorial, Jezebel's Home for Ye Olde Shit

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Hello, and welcome to Jezebel's home for anything to do with the olden days.

Our catchall for Pictorial is "vintage geekery," but with signature Jezebel vinegar. Watch this space for finds plucked from old ladymags, like beautiful spreads on the hottest bridal styles of 1956 and comically oblique ads for tampons. We'll also host longer pieces about history and historical characters, with a special eye to women who don't make the textbooks. We'll unearth long-lost bestsellers and forgotten movies and newspaper stories about trends from your grandmother's era. Sex manuals from before the sexual revolution, centuries-old childbirth rituals, "the weepies," Elizabeth Taylor's caftans, Priscilla Presley's bouffants, Scholastic hits of the 80s—you name it, we got it.

My co-conspirator Kate Dries and I hope to cast a pretty broad net here, so please, if you see something interesting, pass it along! Plead for features on your favorite badasses of yore. If you've got some amazing ephemera lying around your house that must be shared with the world, scan it and send it along. If you've a writer with a great idea for a feature, pitch us. Direct your longer ideas to features editor Jia Tolentino, but Kate and I would love to hear from you as well.

In the meantime, we've shared a bunch of Jezebel stories along the lines of what we wanna do here—check 'em out.


Portrait of an unidentified female riveter at work on bomber at Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, Fort Worth, Texas, October 1942. Photo via Getty.

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Freddie DeBoer

Here is a photo of my paternal grandmother, Henrietta, and here is an old speech from an award that she got for being a civil rights, civil liberties, and socialist activist, as well as an all-around badass.