What Will They Find in This Sarcophagus They're Opening Live on TV?

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In a first, the Discovery show Expedition Unknown will be opening a sarcophagus LIVE from Egypt. Hey, it worked for Geraldo, and he didn’t even find anything in Al Capone’s vault!


Host Joshua Gates spoke to the radio show Here and Now about the planned two-hour special, Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live:

Because the burial site is the final resting place of some who were in the upper tier of Egyptian society, Gates says he and his crew anticipate finding physical remains. But true to live-TV form, there is still an “anything-could-happen element.”

“[The Egyptians] really believed they needed to be connected to their mortal world, and so along with being mummified themselves, they would often take with them a lot of personal objects from their life down into their tombs,” he says. “I think we do have a real expectation that we’re going to be finding some really interesting relics and artifacts down there.”


What does he think they’ll find, specifically? “Kind of the beauty of this is, I don’t know,” he said. “and I think that’s the fun of it.” And so, a second installment in our somewhat recurring series: What’s in that tomb? Is it:


Some sort of liquid whose origin doesn’t bear contemplation?

A bottle of Good Genes, Supergoop! sunscreen, and a dusty skull with multiple head fractures, inside of a straw tote bag?

A plague of Bufo toads?

A complete run of The Joan Rivers Show, digitized and ready for streaming?

An ominous hot wind and a stomach-churning feeling of vague, overpowering dread?


Tune in Sunday to find out!

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Kat Marlowe

I hope it’s Geraldo Rivera.