Why Buy Your Dad a Winston Churchill Biography When You Could Buy Him Winston Churchill's House?

What do you get for the dad who has everything, if you yourself also have everything? Winston Churchill’s house, obviously.


Yes, gifting dad a “great man”’s biography is a time-honored seasonal tradition. But perhaps you’ve already bought your .001% father every Winston Churchill biography on the market, as well as several nice first editions of his works? Don’t go pulling out your $800 haircut or gnashing your beautifully capped teeth, because a solution has appeared in London. Get him Winston Churchill’s actual house!

According to the Telegraph, you’ll need a mere £22.9 million in ready cash (I mean, it is a gift):

Sir Winston and his wife Baroness Spencer-Churchill bought 28 Hyde Park Gate in 1945 after his resignation as prime minister. With the exception of 1951 to 1955 – when they were back at 10 Downing Street – the couple lived in this house until Sir Winston’s death in 1965.

The road has had its share of noteworthy residents, including Virginia Woolf, Robert Baden-Powell, Sir Jacob Epstein, Nigel Lawson and Nigella Lawson.


Four floors, seven bedrooms, 5,763 square feet, plus a lovely garden. And it’s been redone in a contemporary style, which means you’ll also be giving your dad the option of a DIY project redecorating the whole place to painstakingly recreate the home as it would have been styled while Churchill was in residence.

No doubt your dad already has a pied-à-terre in London, but surely he needs somewhere else to store all those biographies?

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Some Indian zillionaire should buy this and move it brick by brick to the grounds of the Indian National Museum. It would be fucking hilarious.

... and where are all the national treasures of India, Egypt, Greece, etc.? Fuck you, unrepentant British colonial legacy.