What do you get for the dad who has everything, if you yourself also have everything? Winston Churchill’s house, obviously.


Yes, gifting dad a “great man”’s biography is a time-honored seasonal tradition. But perhaps you’ve already bought your .001% father every Winston Churchill biography on the market, as well as several nice first editions of his works? Don’t go pulling out your $800 haircut or gnashing your beautifully capped teeth, because a solution has appeared in London. Get him Winston Churchill’s actual house!

According to the Telegraph, you’ll need a mere £22.9 million in ready cash (I mean, it is a gift):

Sir Winston and his wife Baroness Spencer-Churchill bought 28 Hyde Park Gate in 1945 after his resignation as prime minister. With the exception of 1951 to 1955 – when they were back at 10 Downing Street – the couple lived in this house until Sir Winston’s death in 1965.

The road has had its share of noteworthy residents, including Virginia Woolf, Robert Baden-Powell, Sir Jacob Epstein, Nigel Lawson and Nigella Lawson.


Four floors, seven bedrooms, 5,763 square feet, plus a lovely garden. And it’s been redone in a contemporary style, which means you’ll also be giving your dad the option of a DIY project redecorating the whole place to painstakingly recreate the home as it would have been styled while Churchill was in residence.

No doubt your dad already has a pied-à-terre in London, but surely he needs somewhere else to store all those biographies?

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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