'Woman Works at Computer'

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That is the title of this photo: “Woman Works at Computer.” As you can see, this woman is working at a computer.

It’s actually one of two photos, both with the same title and captions that explain: “A woman in a knit dress with flared sleeves works at an early model desktop computer made by Servus, 1970s.” Here, see her hold “a spool of magnetic tape used for data storage.”

Illustration for article titled 'Woman Works at Computer'

Servus must not have set the world on fire, because there’s not much mention of this particular early desktop computer online. But it’s certainly not the fault of this woman’s hair, which is magnificent.

Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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The Noble Renard

Fun fact, that’s probably like... half a megabyte she’s holding right there. Or way less.