You Can Buy a Bio of Jackie Kennedy–With Her Sister's Salty Annotations

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There are so many auctions all the time—so many opportunities to own the castoffs of the rich and famous. But this time it’s really, truly something special: Lee Radziwill’s personal annotated copy of a biography of her sister, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.


Page Six reported on the item—specifically, the 1998 biography Jackie After Jack, by Christopher Anderson—will go on the block at Christie’s today, as part of a larger auction of Radziwill’s things. It is apparently peppered with commentary:

For example, in a passage that claimed the former first lady “splurged shamelessly” on furs, shoes and handbags, the book quotes Radziwill as saying, “Trying to make Jackie Onassis stick to a budget is like trying to make Jackie Gleason stick to a diet.” Next to it, Radziwill wrote in green pen, “Never said. Didn’t know who Gleason was!”

The funniest part, as someone pointed out to Page Six: “the book is saying how Jackie would scribble comments in the margins of newspaper articles about herself, and Lee writes [in the margin], ‘Totally false.’ But she is doing it!” Page Six couldn’t reach Anderson for comment.

Let’s start a collection to purchase this and make it a central attraction in the Petty Hall of Fame.

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Only if Carole Radziwill will read the audio book.*

*Actually, what I really want is Ronnie Karam from “Watch What Crappens” to read it in his Carole Radziwill voice. With special epilogue all about running a marathon, of course.