You Can Now Buy Some of Marilyn Monroe's Hair (But Good Luck Explaining It to Visitors)

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Going onto the auction block in November: a couple of locks of Marilyn Monroe’s hair. Because apparently Marilyn Monroe is the modern equivalent of those saints whose suspiciously plentiful body parts were the hottest commodity imaginable in the Middle Ages. (Besides pepper.)

How much of this dead woman’s crap is still lying around, anyway?

That’s according to People. Back in April, Julien’s Auctions announced they would be doing a large auction of Monroe’s personal effects in the fall, from the collection of David Gainsborough-Roberts. Included in the initial inventory: black fishnet stockings. But apparently, they had more to reveal, including not one but two locks of Monroe’s hair. People explains:

Two locks of Monroe’s hair from the estate of Frieda Hull, a super fan turned friend who obtained them from the star’s hairdresser, have been maintained in an ultraviolet-protected case for over half a century, and now they’re headed towards the auction block, expecting to fetch between $6,000 to $8,000. The hair, which comes with a certificate of authenticity, is part of a larger collection of the actress’s possessions that will be sold by Julien’s Auctions on November 19 and 20, and exhibited aboard the Queen Mary 2 during a week-long crossing from New York to England beginning August 9


Saint Marilyn and the cult of the incorruptible size-12 body, coming soon to a Vanity Fair near you.

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Jesus christ, why can’t we let this poor woman just rest in peace already? The ongoing cultural necrophilia around her is beyond creepy and distasteful.