The Carol Burnett Show's Lost Episodes Are Finally Available On DVD

If you grew up loving the sketches on Carol Burnett’s variety show, Time Life has some good news for you: 45 of the show’s best episodes are finally on DVD. Previously only available as truncated collections you had to order via infomercial, this new set consists of over 20 DVDs of ear-tugging hilarity with two discs of bonus features (that, honestly, you and I will never watch).


The most exciting thing about this release (unfortunately, it’s not the price) is the fact that Burnett picked the episodes that would be featured herself. While it would be great to get a complete run of the show so you’d never run out of things to be entertained by while high, the episodes highlighted in this collection showcase the talents of Lucille Ball, Phyllis Diller, and Chita Rivera, among many others.

Also featured: commentary on Burnett’s influence on today’s comedy performers and writers, like this interview in which Tina Fey describes how the comedian inspired her.

The set retails at $200 if you don’t “want to own a part of television history” and $400 if you do. What does that extra two hundred get you? A certificate of authenticity signed by Burnett and, according to the website where you can purchase the set, she’ll make the signature out to anyone you’d like. That should be excellent news for the poor woman who once accosted the comedian in a public bathroom to get her autograph.


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Erica Washington

Although this is an outtake, this is Carol Burnett (or really Tim Conway and Vickie Lawrence) for the ages:

The wonderful thing about Carol Burnett was that as talented as she was (and still is), she gets out of the way, and let’s her cast have at it.